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is 12am or 12pm I think the answer is midday is 12pm and midnight is 12am - but am i right? Yours confused.. Dave. Author, DaBu, 26 Aug 03, Was ist 12 Uhr mittags und Mitternacht: 12 pm oder 12 am? Seite timeanddate.​com: Soll Mitternacht als 12am oder 12pm geschrieben werden? Die meisten. Die 2-malStunden-Zählung ist die zweimalige Stundenzählung des in 24 gleich lange 12am is noon in Japan (englisch); AM und PM – Bedeutung. Our hotel bar and the adjoining conservatory (winter garden) is open from 12 am until 12 pm, for non-residents also. Im Wintergarten und an der Bar sogar fast den​. Hallo,. Was soll die Abstimmung? Es kann doch nur eine richtige Lösung geben! Beispiel: 6 a.m. ist 6 Uhr früh. In England, USA und Australien gibt es 'nur'.

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Hallo,. Was soll die Abstimmung? Es kann doch nur eine richtige Lösung geben! Beispiel: 6 a.m. ist 6 Uhr früh. In England, USA und Australien gibt es 'nur'. El Salvador Wetterkarte. Cloud Cover on Monday 29 Jun at 12am CST El Salvador Cloud Cover on Friday 26 Jun at 12pm CST · Friday 26 Jun 12pm. 12Am - 12Pm. Gefällt Mal · 2 Personen sprechen darüber. Welcome to the official page of 12AmPm All in one acc Bollywood Memes vines. 12am 12pm

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Midnight is the zero point in time when we start to build up 24 one-hour periods of time to make up a new day.

So midnight is the point 0am. After a period of one hour we reach the point in time called 1am, and after 12 periods of one hour we reach the point called noon.

At noon the 13th one-hour period starts, ending at point 1pm. This process continues up to the point 11pm when the 24th period of one hour starts. This period ends in the middle of the night, 12 hours after noon at the point midnight or 12pm.

Geoff Berriman, Sandal, Wakefield. Working on the hour clock meant that there was no difficulty with midday - hours - but the Air Force could not countenance hours for midnight.

We were instructed that the Air Force day began at hours and ended at hours. The two minutes between were ours to use as we liked.

AS IS clear from consideration of the literal meanings of am and pm, noon is 12m, while 12am and 12pm have equal claims on midnight. We tend to avoid 12m nowadays from fear that someone may think m stands for midnight, but in avoiding this confusion we have been thrown into worse confusion by trying to determine which of 12am and 12pm to assign to noon and midnight.

As it is dark then, I've always supposed it is midnight. Denis Buckley, Darwin, Australia. But one minute after midnight Hence for consistent usage, 12am must mean midnight.

Adrian Pollock, Yardley, Pennsylvania. Regardless of thoughts about points in time, Also, an event that starts at This means that a meeting that starts at Therefore, Try booking some meetings, lunches etc at Phil Benjamin, Enfield, Middx.

Working on the hour clock meant that there was no difficulty with midday hours - but the Air Force could not countenance hours for midnight.

I am appaled at the rubbish I have read on this subject. There is no genuine confusion nor ambiguity only a self-made one.

As the day begins at midnight, midnight must be 12am. The moment of noon is in the first second, consequently minute and hour of the afternoon therefore noon must be 12pm.

It is poppycock to say that 12am and 12pm do not exist by considering the moments of noon and midnight within their own right - once the measures they belong to become clear, any supposed confusion vanishes.

However, for those who must use this notation, take a look at your digital clock dislay 12hr. When it changes to 12 noon it shows 12pm!

And at midnight 12am! So for you freaks that must use an ambiguous notation surely this is the very thing. Neither should be used.

You should really pay attention to the abbreviation. Midnight would be 12am or 12pm either. By counting forwards then backwards in time, we might stop getting older.

Absolutely the correct answer from Colin Jones, Aberdeen, Scotland. Midnight needing to be qualified further as the end or beginning of a particular day.

Worldwide adoption of Stanley Sutcliffe, Halifax United Kingdom If we use the military time as our basis for this argument and for the sake of argument say that is midnight then we can simply answer this question using common sense math skills.

Do we start counting at 12 or 24? No we don't. Do we believe that there is actually a time known as Most people I know would say that this time does not exist or that doomsday is here if we were on that moment.

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Home Resources Questions and answers Is midnight 12am or 12pm? Questions and answers Is midnight 12am or 12pm? You two brain-boxes spoilt the fun before the arguments could begin!!

Jana said:. To err is human, but not in this forum. Thanks for clearing that up, but it might be good if you could add your evidence.

Wiki has more. Its comments on the usage in the USA bear out what Daviesri asserts. That was what I was always taught.

It seems that you can use either one for either time because of the definition of each. My vocabulary from now on will only use 12 noon and 12 midnight.

Good one, Jana! The first time I saw this same subject in the forums I was surprised, but here it is again! Well I absolutely positively swear I searched before posting this!!

I searched for "midday". Ah, I've just checked. The thread you are referring to did come up but since it was called "my boss and I" I didn't think it was relevant.

Since we can't be expected to read every thread that comes up on a search to check the subject hasn't already been discussed this neatly shows the need to add relevant subject titles to our threads!!!

So don't admonish me mods!! I've always been taught that 12am is midnight, but I see now that both seem to be possible. Interestingly, I've recently had a similar issue crop up on a manual I was writing for setting a video recorder to start a recording at midnight.

The clock is 24 hours, which makes it easy, in that midnight is The problem is knowing which DAY it refers to. An example.

The TV schedule says that my favourite program is on 31st May and starts at midnight that night. I set the recorder to start at on 31st May.

I'd say the beginning so in fact I'd have to change the date to 1st June to get round this , but I think some people might disagree.

Alberta--TGE te gato English. I have also been taught that 12am is midnight.. Regular time.. I think the word says it all midday - middle of day PM is always the middle of the day.

It's easy to remember if you add one second or one minute Sorry for the belated post. I live in Colombia, and my mother and teachers taught me that, as AM comes from latin: ante meridien and so does PM post meridiem the only and only logical way of expressing 'noon' is M meridiem because it is not before, nor after the noon, but at noon!!!

One millisecond after the clock hits 12MN, it is AM If this is causing so much trouble, it is time to start using the other systems around. The USA, as usual, is behind the rest of the world, where the 24 hour time is increasingly widespread.

The same has happened with the SI of units. I think a hour clock is so much easier. If you tell me to meet you at the train station and that your train arrives at , is that morning or evening?

Certainly, we usually try to clarify, but just saying h or h is so much easier. Merlin Senior Member Philippines. I have always 'known' that 12 am is midnight.

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12am 12pm Ante meridiem – post meridiem

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